Grow old with style with these exciting tips

Growing may seem like a curse to anybody. Surely, you will face the possibilities of wrinkled skins, saggy weight and the dreaded going grey. But no longer growing old is a taboo any longer. In fact, it is now part of the men’s fashion to sport that salt and pepper look and character lines around the eyes.

Here are some tips you can check out that will help you age fine, just like wine:

Keep your body hair to a bare minimum: You may consider chest hair to be the sign of your manliness. However, women don’t exactly dig that look any longer. Now it is essential to trim your chest hair from time to time. That is because as you age, the growth area of your chest hair tends to spread to other parts of the body. A light manscaping should help do the trick and tame it.

Apply eye cream: Crow’s feet are quite common between your eyes and temple, and it is one of the most obvious signs of ageing. It is also an unavoidable problem that everyone faces as they age if you keep up with veteran actors and celebrities in the men’s fashion magazine. As you grow older, these lines will become more prominent. While you cannot avoid it completely, you can take measures to slow down the occurrence. You can do this, by applying eye cream on a daily basis. This is best done after you wash your face and before you moisturise your skin.


Follow a skin care regime regularly: As you age, your skin may wrinkle and turn rough. Like crow’s feet, this is an unavoidable change in your body. But with the right steps, you can keep it wrinkle free and smooth, giving you a flawless appearance. You only need to follow a daily skin care regime for this purpose. The best time to do this is to start young. Opt for facial exfoliating; which helps improve blood circulation on your face. You can even visit an aesthetician to help you get the recommended tailor-made routine for more long-lasting results.


Keep your hairstyle simple: You may be tempted to continue using the number of products on your hair as you age, especially when it comes to styling. However, this does more damage to your hair than you would expect. Skip funky hairdos like spikes and slick backs, and go for short hairdos that are simple. If you need to use products, opt for those that improve the quantity of your hair. You can look for suggestions and recommendations in most of the top men’s fashion magazine. You will realise what difference it makes to your mane when you keep it minimum over OTT looks.


Stop colouring your hair: The salt and pepper look is the latest trend when it comes to men’s fashion. Instead of trying to hide the fact that you are going grey, embrace your natural hair colour and let it grow out naturally.



Here is how you can lose belly fat at home

Belly fat is what most girls complain of, especially when they have to attend a friend’s wedding or an exciting party, but cannot wear the outfit of their choice because of their bulging tummy. So, you just keep wondering how to lose belly fat in a short span of time without spending long hours at the gym.
Even at home, one can effectively manage to lose their belly fat, by adopting certain dietary measures and regularly exercising. Here are a few helpful tips on how to lose belly fat at home in a jiffy-

1. Eat healthy meals

In order to reduce belly fat, the first and foremost step that you must take is to include healthy food items in your meal. It is very important to cut short on excess oil and butter and take in more fibrous, and protein-rich food. Salads, vegetables and fruits, as well as cereals and legumes, will help you stay healthy and fit. Increase your intake of whole wheat bread or home-made chapatis and reduce your rice intake. Avoid bleached and processed foods, sweetened drinks and soda containing lots of sugar as well as preservatives. Sugar and preservatives will just add on to your belly fat.

2. Restrain your cravings

Everyone has food ravings from time to time! It may be for salty, spicy and oily chips, sugar crammed pastries, deep fried French fries and especially oily Indian snacks like samosas and kachoris. But in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle avoid such cravings and opt for a nutritious snack instead. If you really want to get a fit body, it is essential that you swap these unhealthy snacks with healthier ones like fruits, nuts and oats.

3. Keep moving

Staying active is key to a fit physique. A sedentary lifestyle with unwholesome food is a big no-no! To get rid of that belly fat you have to do some physical activity regularly. Physical work like gardening, doing household chores, dancing, skipping and walking will help you reduce tummy flab.

4. Do yoga at home

It is really easy to get a yoga DVD from the market and learn some yogasanas at home. There are several interesting yogasanas to help reduce abdominal fat in a few weeks. Simply spread a mat, or a rug at home get started with meditation and yoga. Some asanas like Tadasana, Surya Namaskar, Naukasana, etc. are sure to help you get sustainably rid of fat.

Getting rid of belly fat at home is easy if the above tips are carefully followed.

The sexiest perfumes for men that are a must have

Perfumes may seem like a simple thing. You buy the perfume of your choice; you put it on and smell good. But a lot more goes behind creating your choice of sweet, smoky or wood perfume. For one, it includes one of the most important elements that give it its unique smell, known as oud.

Oud is a residual formation found in the Aquilaria tree. This tree comprises of over fifteen different species. When this particular tree is infected by a mould known as Phialophora parasitica, it reacts by producing a resin to protect itself. This resin is dense, dark and fragrant, normally embedded in the heartwood that is the source of oud.

While these trees are grown all throughout South East Asia, especially in India and Bangladesh, it is one of the most expensive timber woods in the world. That is because these species of trees are now registered by CITES as potentially threatened species, against the demands of the global agarwood market which is at a worth of £5 billion annually. Moreover, the scent itself varies, depending on the wood used, the area where the tree is grown and whether the tree itself was cultivated or naturally infected.

As you can see, a lot more goes into the production of perfume for men. Since these perfumes are made with precision, its resulting value will be an extraordinary mix. So if you are looking for the best perfumes for men, here are a few choices you can consider:

Tom Ford Noir de Noir: While the smell of rose may be an odd choice to match with oud, it surprisingly works well in the Tom Ford Noir de Noir choice. It perfectly complements the wood’s darkness, with the end resulting being a romantic and provocative choice.

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée: The oud in this perfume is complemented with leather and spices. While the tone starts off strong, it settles down to fantastic complexity.

Ermenegildo Zegna Indonesian Oud: This perfume is both dark and warm. It does offer a very subtle medicinal tang, which sharpens up. It comprises of a combination of bergamot, patchouli and amber.

Boss Bottled Oud: This is a brand new iteration of the grand Boss Bottled. This perfume offers an unashamedly powerful scent, which allows its audience to experience a completely different oud experience.

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud: When launched it had rapidly become one of the bestselling men’s cologne. Its distinctive odour is evocative of the Middle East.

Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood: It offers a genuine unisex fragrance with spicy cardamom and jasmine, along with woody notes. This is one way to get you noticed, without overpowering the room.

Reiss Black Oudh: As the first fragrance for men, this is a very pleasant surprise. The opening fragrance comprises of laurel and green cypress, with the middle notes moving to vetiver and clary sage. It finally settles down to the black oud, that is dark, heavy and earthy.

Top Watches That are Worth Buying

Watches are every man’s best friend. You will find men looking for new and latest designs as far as timepieces are concerned. You can say, timepieces have become more of an accessory than a time telling machine. Besides, watches make a perfect and easy gift option no matter what the occasion. When talking about watches, you should know the market is flooded with end number of designs. Here is a list of some of the best watches for men that are worth buying:



Hublot is one brand you cannot miss out on when talking about best watches for men. These timepieces tend to have a unique characteristic that makes them different from the other brands. It has hard-boiled exteriors, chunky and has openwork dials. Well, except for Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph that marks the watchmaker’s 70th anniversary. What not many know is that it was conceived with the same approach as designing a car at the famous Ferrari Design Centre. This watch definitely opens a new chapter that unites two major brands – Hublot and Ferrari. This beautiful timepiece has a look and feels of a Ferrari like the chassis-like frame, skeletal, available in titanium, carbon fibre and gold.



Breitling is another watch brand that cannot be missed when talking about best watches for men. Take a look at the new Navitimer Rattrapante which is unique in its own way. Only a few brands tend to have own mechanical chronograph movements. Breitling has managed to repeat its amazing mastery of chronographs by unveiling the new Navitimer Rattrapante. It is the first in-house split-seconds chronograph.



Blancpain is paying tribute to its 50 Fathoms watch and named it Blancpain Tribute to 50 Fathoms MIL-SPEC. Blancpain has reinterpreted one of its beautiful and vintage timepieces from the 1950s, the Fifty Fathoms having water tightness indicator. It is one of the best diving watches and is the first ever automatic dive watch having a rotating bezel. The tribute timepiece gets somewhat the same unidirectional bezel, coated in the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Besides, it also has an identical circular indicator that helps the wearer to know if there is any water seepage by changing the colour.



Another one coming to the list of the best watches for men is Omega which paid its tribute to the three mechanical masterpieces – The Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster, by releasing the special 60th Anniversary edition of each of the model. Each of the models was beautifully designed.

Four-in-Hand Knot: All you need to know about it

When it comes to tying a tie, the four in hand knot is one of the most popular methods to tie a necktie. The four in hand knot is also known as the simple knot or schoolboy knot, especially known for their simplicity and style.

In fact, if you take a look back in history, research has claimed that earlier carriage drivers tend to tie their reins with a four in hand knot. Alternate sources claimed that they also wore their scarves in that manner. The most likely etymology is that, the members of the Four in Hand Club in London began wearing this neckwear as a fashionable piece.

In India, ties have mostly been restricted to the school uniforms or boardroom dressings. However, once in a while, you may be required to wear a tie for more formal occasion such as a wedding, or a real special date. You may even want to make a deeper impression when it comes to a potential job interview. However, unlike other countries, wearing a tie isn’t part of the daily wardrobe requirement. In fact, we rarely ever find it in the wardrobe of Indian men, unless it is already pre – tied and kept. So how to tie a tie  in this way?

The four in hand knot makes the ideal choice for a narrow, more discreet and slightly asymmetrical tie knot. It works best with wide neckties that are made from heavy fabrics and even standard button down dress shirt. The tie knot can also be worn by anyone, especially for individuals who have shorter necks. That is because the knot’s rather narrow and elongated form, creates the perception of a higher neck height.

The four in hand knot, it isn’t rocket science to tie this basic knot. Here we give you a step by step guide on how to tie a tie:

Step 1: Place the tie around your neck, with the narrow end on your right and the wider end on the left. Keep the narrow end a bit shorter than the wider end.

Step 2: Cross the wide end of the narrow end of the tie.

Step 3: Fold the wide end under the narrow end of the tie

Step 4: Pass the wider end horizontally over the narrow end again.

Step 5: Take the wide end and pull it through the loop around the neck. You will then have to pull it through the knot

Step 6: Tighten the knot by pulling the wide end

Step 7: You can adjust the length of the narrow end until it is snug against the collar.

Now that you are aware of how to tie a tie, you can now easily be a wiz at this fancy knot and make sure you stand apart in the crowd.

How to Look Handsome – Follow these Grooming Tips

There is no direct way to look handsome. It all starts by grooming. After all, no one is ugly. Grooming is an essential part when it comes to knowing how to look handsome. A man can experiment with several looks. From choosing the right outfit to having that perfectly trimmed beard. Once you have mastered the art of grooming, you are bound to kill people with your dashing looks. However, the increasing workload and the pollution makes it difficult to take care of the skin. To help you in the same, mentioned are some tips that might come handy:


Moisturize on A Daily Basis

Your skin seeks attention when it starts to get dry. Do not turn a blind eye to this aspect, after it is your face that is seen first. Considering this aspect, it is important that you moisturise your skin on a daily basis. One of the greatest benefits of moisturising is that it helps in reducing the post-shave irritation risk. Besides, it also works by maintaining the pH balance in the skin.


Take Care of your Facial Hair

Shaving and trimming go hand in hand. Master the art of shaving. It does not only mean using a right razor. Taking right care in choosing the grooming products is also important. Overgrown and scruffy beards are a complete turn-off. Besides, do not plan on ditching the pre-shave oil and after-shave lotion. These are vital grooming products and help in keeping the skin of your face fresh and clean.


Sun Protection Is For You Too!

It is not that sunscreen is made for women alone. Men are highly recommended to use the same as it helps in protecting your skin from harsh Ultra Violet rays (UV). Opt for SPF 30 as it will do the job of protecting your skin. Not many know, but long exposure to the sun leads to premature ageing of the skin. It also helps in keeping skin cancer at bay!


Brighten Up Your Amazing Smile

When it comes to looking for how to look handsome, do not forget about taking care of your pearly whites. Do include the same in your grooming list. Ensure you brush and flush your teeth on a regular basis. Apart from this, do visit the dentist after every six months for cleaning.


Smell Nice and Fresh

A little bit of sweat does not bother anyone, but if you sweat constantly, then you need to use a right deodorant. If you plan to use cologne, then you are advised to use an unscented deodorant. Ensure you have a signature scent as it goes a long way in identifying your personality.

India’s popular bike builders and their work of arts

Art manifests in several shapes, sizes and forms, imitating life or even perceiving the internal vision of the artist. They are visionaries in a sense, transposing their mind’s eye onto any canvas possible, including motorcycles.

It may seem like an alternative in artistic implementation, after all; it may consist of an advanced knowledge of mechanics. However, the end result is a work of art that graces the streets, turning heads not only with its performance but also its structure.

These popular bike builders and their modified bikes have taken over the streets and captured the artistic eye in their work. Check out their work that has put them in the spot light today:

Tushar Jaintly – TJ Moto (Delhi): Tushar Jaintly grew up experimenting with automobile designing, right from a young age. He continued with his passion, by studying automobile design at Turin’s Istituto Europeo di Design, where he got into the spotlight for his concept Mini. On his return back to India 2012, he switched to building and working with modified bikes, as he found it easier to work with a smaller canvas. He follows the minimalistic approach of American motorcycle builder Indian Larry, best known for his old-school choppers. His very own hardtail Harley Davidson Iron 883 was one of his first projects. The modifications included a British racing green paint job, suede and leather accents along with a drag racing handle bar. But what makes this bike more interesting is the fact that is sports a floating petrol tank, with a chassis that is brought over it. He has fondly christened this bike as ‘ Nadia’ and exhibited it at the India Bike Week 2014, where it was profiled by international motorcycling blogs Silodrome and Pipeburn.

Bobbee Singh – Old Delhi Motorcycles (Delhi): Bobbee Singh is best known as the restoration specialists. Over the last 15 years, he has built up his own network of informants, who provide him with information about bikes on sale, especially with vintage Royal Enfield. Once he gets his hands on them, he restores them and sells the modified bikes to global customers. All his work comprises of a vintage style, where the focus is not on the tech specs, but rather about the rider’s preference. In the end, the resulting mod bike is custom made for the preference of the rider. You can get to know more about his work, through an 18-minute document, where it showcases his love for restoring Enfields and his fellow associates and specialists that work on it.

Vijay Singh – Rajputana Custom Motorcycles (Jaipur): What turned out to be a job to while his months away from his job, turned into a lifetime adventure. In 2009, with six months to spare, he decided to build a custom made motorcycle around a 350cc Royal Enfield engine. He schooled himself by watching YouTube videos and showcased his bike at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, which captured the attention of fellow bike lover and actor, John Abraham. Singh won a commissioned bike from him, which was the turning point in his work.

Two Best Headphones You Need to Buy Right Now!

A good pair of headphones is your best friend to turn off yourself from the traffic noise, the chattering in the train, or the loud announcements on the platform. In short, they are the best ticket to audiophile heaven. Not many know, but every top and best headphone tend to come with an expiry date. For the people still using Skullcandy headphones, get ready to give listening to music a new dimension with these best headphones. Take it is a good news as these headphones are a great way to upgrade:

Mentioned are some of the top headphones you can consider buying next time when you hit a store:

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass
Another one coming to the list of the best headphones is Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass. Only a person who loves to listen to music will understand the importance of carrying the top-quality headphones in the bag. Hear nothing, but just the bass when you buy this headphone. It has been a while since Sony headphones have caught a lot of attention. However, these wireless Noise-Cancelling extra bass headphones will definitely surprise you. These over-ear wireless headphones enhance the low-end frequencies by lifting all the tracks with a wave of great rhythm. While you have these headphones on you can just put the whole world in the mute mode. Delve yourself into the amazing sound the music world has to offer. The Digital Noise Cancelling cuts out the environment noise thus helping you listen to every track in detail. With NFC™ technology it offers pure bass for more than 22 hours. If you are ready to shell out some additional money, then you can buy this headphone for ₹19,000.

For a person who hates detangling the wires of the headphones every time you take it out from the bag, then BeatsX is just the right answer! They are your perfect wireless companion. Beats headphones have always topped the chart when it comes to bass. One of the greatest features of BeatsX is that it is wireless. Available in four major colours like black, gray, white and blue, these headphones are great for every music lovers. BeatsX headphones are changing the way people listen to music. With Apple W1 technology and W1 chip offers seamless setup and even switching for your Apple devices. Another amazing feature of this headphone is that when you charge it for 5 minutes, you get 2 hours of playback. Having up to 8 hours of battery life and Fast Fuel technology, it promises clear and authentic sound all through the day. It ensures you do not suffer from no music while travelling. If you thinking to buy Beats headphones is next to impossible, then you will be glad to hear BeatsX are readily available on offer at ₹10,000.

Latest Cars in India That are High in Performance

Cars come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours. There are many luxurious cars in India that have received a tremendous response and appreciation from the customers due to their performance and good looks. Here is a list of a few latest cars in India that have great performance.

Mercedes-AMG GT C: This super stylish car features an attractive design. It is a Mercedes convertible with a brand new power upgrade. The car comes with a revived gearbox for amazing acceleration. This is the perfect car if you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle change. This is a refreshingly chic car with the latest technology for powerful performance.

2017 Nissan GT-R R35: Yet another supercar that has all the charms and all the technology in place. From an exceptionally futuristic look to handmade engines, this car is the perfect mix of chic and comfort. It has some amazing inbuilt technology like smooth navigation, illuminated dashboard, and a lot more. This is probably one of the best so far among all the latest cars in India.

Jaguar F-Pace: This one is a roaring SUV from team Jaguar. It is similar to an F-type supercar and has many excited features. It has a stunning 298bhp of power and a 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel engine. The exteriors are as beautiful as the interiors of this marvellous ride. You can dwell into the magnificence of this supercar as this car hits the road.

Audi RS7 Performance: Audi RS7’s Sedan car is much more than just good looks. This is a luxurious family car with one of the best engines in the market. It provides high performance and is just 5bhp away from the Audi R8’s engine power. It is a car for people who would love to enjoy long road trips with their family or friends.

Toyota Innova Crysta: This is another high performing car that has some super awesome features. This car has ample cabin space and very comfortable interiors. Along with high performance, it has a great ride quality. The safety features are great and assure protection. The infotainment systems and utility equipment make this car totally worth it!

These are some of the latest cars on the market that are high-performing for the Indian roads. Select the one you love the most depending on the features, looks, and performance. You can consult the car dealers and make sure that the car you are going for has all the qualities that you are looking for in your dream car.

Upcoming Cars Of 2017 Every Car Enthusiast Should Know

Only a car enthusiast understands the importance of being aware and keeping updated with the latest car models. When talking about the same, you will be glad to know some of the upcoming and latest cars you can blindly put your money on. These cars are everything you need to get going. There is something for everyone, from performance hatchbacks to sedans. The cars that 2017 will experience will have host new features, engine options, styling and so on. To help you in the same, mentioned are some of the upcoming and latest cars you need to be aware of. Know them before they hit the market:


Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

The one car that tops the list of the much-awaited latest Cars is Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS. Maruti is all set to present the new Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS with a turbocharged petrol engine. It is definitely one of the most-awaited cars in 2017 with great designs. Well, it has the same look as the traditional model and is offered with 1-litre Booster jet. Apart from featuring some of the best exterior designs and cosmetic add-ons, the Baleno RS also has great interiors. Some of the visible improvements include all-black theme, minimal chrome inserts, aluminium finish pedals, and sports front seats.


Volkswagen Tiguan

Another one coming to the list of the latest cars is Volkswagen Tiguan. The new Volkswagen Tiguan is based on the popular Modularer Querbaukasten (MQB) platform and is further offered with some great and amazing designs. Furthermore, it comes with 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine. It is capable of churning out a maximum of 147 bhp. Coming mated to the company’s tried and tested 7-speed DSG is the 1968cc turbocharged motor. As compared to other models, this new car is larger in size, around 70mm longer, 76mm longer in wheelbase and 30.5mm wider.


Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon is another one that is definitely a game changer in the Indian auto market. This sub 4-metre model is built with some new and improved designs. As far as the features of the car are concerned, it is believed it is likely to be powered by the 1.2-litre petrol and might have a newly developed 1.5-litre diesel engine. The transmission options might include 6-speed manual and AMT units. Furthermore, this amazing and much-awaited car is expected to feature some great designs including smartphone connectivity, touchscreen infotainment system and so on.


These are just some of the upcoming and latest cars every car lover should be aware of.