4 Beard Styles That Any Man Can Sport Easily

Facial hair is in! Beards are increasingly being sported by men from all walks of life, celebrities to college students. If you are considering getting a beard or changing your beard style, look no further. We guide you through some of the latest beard styles that any man can sport and add class to his looks.

Medium stubble – This beard style can be easily achieved by growing your beard for a week. Keep your stubble about 3-5mm, any longer would look disheveled. The best way to maintain the length is to use a trimmer to shave. It is best to keep your stubble at the bottom of your face, right above your adam’s apple. Avoid growing your beard past your cheeks and neck.  Make sure to shave your upper cheeks so that the stubble looks neat and on purpose.

Full beard – For a classy look, this is the best beard style. A full beard has a unique shape, starting at the cheek line, it goes all the way down naturally. This style is best suited for men with a face shaped like a diamond, triangle or an inverse triangle. A full beard will take some time to grow out, about 4-6 weeks, so be a little patient. Once the growth reaches medium stubble, trim and shape it evenly. On growing a full beard, is a good idea to get it styled by a professional or a barber to accentuate your features.

Circle beard – For those who want to sport a beard and look tidy at the same time, the circle beard is your answer. A circle beard merges a roundish goatee and a moustache to create a definite round shape. It is best to get the round shape done from a salon for the first time as it may be tricky to get the perfect shape. The circle beard best suits men with an oval or a round face shape. This beard style is very popular as it is quite easy to maintain and helps conceal a softer jaw line.

Balbo beard – Named after Italian Air Marshall Italo Balbo, this beard style is being sported by Hollywood celebrities. For a smart Balbo beard, you need to grow a moustache, a patch under the lip and a beard around the chin. This style is best suited for men who have a narrow chin. This style, too, requires about 4 weeks of growing a beard before you get to shape it. Once the beard and moustache have grown, carefully sculpt them with a good pair of razors, preferably electric.

These are some of the beard styles that you could start off with and go on to experiment with some more. Do keep in mind that longer beard styles need some patience and the beard could look scruffy while it is growing. Take good care of your beard by keeping it clean and well-groomed. A great beard can add so much to your style and draw attention from everyone around.


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