5 Men’s Hairstyles That Never Go Out Style

One feature that men can easily experiment with to change their look is hair. Men today have innumerable hairstyle options ranging from military crops to long ponytails, from braided hairstyles to a man-bun! While some hairstyles come and go, there are some classic ones that are here to stay. Some of the top hairstyles for men which can never go wrong are:

Spiky hairstyles– This humble hairstyle can be sported in versatile forms – trendy crisscross patterns, blunt razor cut bangs or a nice spike format styled upwards. Spikes are simple to work with; you can move them back or fro and up or down just about any direction to look sexy and stylish. A spiky hairstyle suits men of all ages and sizes and adds to their style factor.

Buzz Cut hairstyle-The buzz cut is a timeless hairstyle. This low-maintenance hair cut can be too short, too long or medium to suit your face shape and type. While this hair cut is best suited for classically masculine, square and symmetrical face types; it can be easily tweaked to flatter any face.

Side Sweep hairstyle-A classic hairstyle with plenty of texture and choppiness, the side sweep is another low maintenance haircut. This completely scissored haircut is not too short on the back and sides, but rests just above the ears. It is a loose and free haircut which can be easily styled. This style is best suited for those with thick, curly, wavy hair.

Layered hairstyle-Men blessed with long hair can opt for a layered cut that is classic and refined. A good layered hairstyle looks as good in a boardroom as it does at the beach. Perhaps the tougher part of sporting this look is growing your hair, but the results will be totally worth it. It is ideal to minimize styling with this hairstyle as its charm is in looking natural.

Pompadour-Initially a feminine hairstyle, the pompadour is today one of the most sought after men’s hairstyle. You need about three inches long front that is thick to sport this hairstyle, short hair will not work.To achieve this look apply small amount of wax on your hair and brush it back. Once your front hair is nicely tucked in a good position, you need to press a little in the middle of the head to get a pompadour in it.

Opt for one these top hairstyles for men and give yourself a complete makeover.


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