A Man’s Guide to Skin Care

To have skin that’s soft and radiant, you have no choice but to take good care of it. You may come across numerous articles on skin care tips for men. Unfortunately, most of these articles recommend procedures which are time-consuming and need fancy or expensive products. This is not always the case. All you need for a good skin care routine is 10-15 minutes every day and some excellent products. Here are some tried and tested products that can work wonders for your skin:

Maca Root Face Wash, The Body Shop For Men – This foaming facial contains Peruvian maca root. Designed especially for men’s skin, the facewash cleanses and refreshes your skin. When you use this product, your face becomes soft and revitalized rather than becoming too dry.

Deep Cleaning Face Scrub, Nivea Men – This face scrub has been created keeping in mind the needs of men. It is a foaming gel that contains extra fine scrub particles and vitamin E. This face scrub aids in deeply cleaning your face without drying it.

Plantain After-Shave Balm Bio-lotion, Biotique Bio Plantain – An intense blend of pure plantain, sandalwood and peppermint oils, this serum not only reduces the sting of a shave but also makes your skin younger and healthier. It also fortifies your skin’s anti-ageing defenses and boosts your skin’s radiance look fitter and fairer.

Triple Protect Face Lotion with Sunscreen with SPF 20, Neutrogena Men – This light, non-greasy Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen lotion is a must for every man. It not only helps prevent sunburn but also soothes razor irritation, relieves dry skin and helps fight signs of ageing. It also helps reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Skin Brightening Night Cream for Men, Kama Ayurveda – This leave-in night cream is one product that most men swear by for youthful natural radiant skin. This night cream blends rare and precious ingredients which have been studied in Ayurveda. We use the finest saffron from Kashmir which helps illuminate the skin and reduce pigmentation, dark circles. The antiseptic, Liquorice, aids in protecting against fungal and bacterial infections. Vetiver and Lotus help clear blemishes, help keep the skin cool and have cleansing properties.  Indian Madder & Aloe Vera help delay the signs of ageing and have antiseptic properties.

Good skin care leaves you refreshed and softer skin that is nicer to kiss. Once you start using these products regularly, don’t be surprised with all the attention you get for smooth, supple, younger looking skin.


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