Top 5 Bodybuilding Diet Tips For Fast Muscle Gain

Are you planning to go for a bodybuilding routine? It is important to know that when it comes to bulking up, diet is the single most important element of your bodybuilding program. Before starting off with a bodybuilding program, you need a goal-specific bodybuilding diet plan. Follow these bodybuilding diet tips to make the most of your bodybuilding program.


How much to eat – Start with 9 calories per kg of bodyweight, that is to say if you weigh 70kg, your calorie intake per day should be about 630. Try this for two weeks and adjust your calorie intake accordingly based on how your body responds. After two weeks of following bodybuilding diet and training, weigh yourself and measure body fat. If your weight has increased by 1-2 kg, let status quo prevail. If your weight has decreased or remained the same, you may have to increase calorie intake by 500-800 calories.


What to eat – The key to a successful bodybuilding diet is not eating just any calories but the right calories. You need to eat foods packed with essential nutrients. Eat fresh live foods and avoid processed and refined foods. Example of good bodybuilding food is a steak with green vegetables totaling 600 calories. Similarly, a poor meal would be chicken nuggets and fries for 1200 calories. Eat foods that are nutritionally dense to make the most of your meals.


Combine foods compatible for digestion – Learn which food combinations aid in easy digestion. This translates to more nutrients per calories consumed and reduction of unwanted fat gain. Good combinations would be protein and fibrous carbs such as steak and spinach salad; and proteins and fats like Chicken Cordon Bleu. Poor combinations are simple carbs and protein which is found in many energy bars and carbs and fats like pizza or bread and cheese. Good combinations are an important factor while making a bodybuilding diet plan for men.


When to eat – Following a consistent schedule is vital to ensure that you provide quality nutrients for muscle growth when your body needs it. Ideally, you should eat a nutritious meal every two to three hours and never space two meals more than five hours apart. Eating bodybuilding foods consistently will ensure that your body is always in a positive growth state.


Power meals – Power meals contain very specific foods which rapidly and thoroughly replenish muscles with particular nutrients to minimize the occurrence of catabolic actions. Power Meals not only accelerate lean muscle growth but also minimize muscle tissue breakdown that is common with hard resistance training combined with poor meal planning. To make a power meal, use a quick digesting source of protein and combine with particular energy foods which can also be digested fast. For instance, quality whey protein or egg protein blended with certain fruits. There are two specific times – breakfast and after a specifically designed workout routine, that a power meal would be most advantageous. Keep in mind that too many power meals will compromise lean muscle growth by increasing fat gain and lowering your sensitivity to insulin.


Body building is the ambition of most men, but only few successfully achieve it. It needs a lot of discipline and perseverance to pursue a resistance exercise program and eat only nutritious bodybuilding foods. These bodybuilding diet tips will definitely help you in gaining pure, unadulterated muscle.


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