Two Best Headphones You Need to Buy Right Now!

A good pair of headphones is your best friend to turn off yourself from the traffic noise, the chattering in the train, or the loud announcements on the platform. In short, they are the best ticket to audiophile heaven. Not many know, but every top and best headphone tend to come with an expiry date. For the people still using Skullcandy headphones, get ready to give listening to music a new dimension with these best headphones. Take it is a good news as these headphones are a great way to upgrade:

Mentioned are some of the top headphones you can consider buying next time when you hit a store:

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass
Another one coming to the list of the best headphones is Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass. Only a person who loves to listen to music will understand the importance of carrying the top-quality headphones in the bag. Hear nothing, but just the bass when you buy this headphone. It has been a while since Sony headphones have caught a lot of attention. However, these wireless Noise-Cancelling extra bass headphones will definitely surprise you. These over-ear wireless headphones enhance the low-end frequencies by lifting all the tracks with a wave of great rhythm. While you have these headphones on you can just put the whole world in the mute mode. Delve yourself into the amazing sound the music world has to offer. The Digital Noise Cancelling cuts out the environment noise thus helping you listen to every track in detail. With NFC™ technology it offers pure bass for more than 22 hours. If you are ready to shell out some additional money, then you can buy this headphone for ₹19,000.

For a person who hates detangling the wires of the headphones every time you take it out from the bag, then BeatsX is just the right answer! They are your perfect wireless companion. Beats headphones have always topped the chart when it comes to bass. One of the greatest features of BeatsX is that it is wireless. Available in four major colours like black, gray, white and blue, these headphones are great for every music lovers. BeatsX headphones are changing the way people listen to music. With Apple W1 technology and W1 chip offers seamless setup and even switching for your Apple devices. Another amazing feature of this headphone is that when you charge it for 5 minutes, you get 2 hours of playback. Having up to 8 hours of battery life and Fast Fuel technology, it promises clear and authentic sound all through the day. It ensures you do not suffer from no music while travelling. If you thinking to buy Beats headphones is next to impossible, then you will be glad to hear BeatsX are readily available on offer at ₹10,000.