India’s popular bike builders and their work of arts

Art manifests in several shapes, sizes and forms, imitating life or even perceiving the internal vision of the artist. They are visionaries in a sense, transposing their mind’s eye onto any canvas possible, including motorcycles.

It may seem like an alternative in artistic implementation, after all; it may consist of an advanced knowledge of mechanics. However, the end result is a work of art that graces the streets, turning heads not only with its performance but also its structure.

These popular bike builders and their modified bikes have taken over the streets and captured the artistic eye in their work. Check out their work that has put them in the spot light today:

Tushar Jaintly – TJ Moto (Delhi): Tushar Jaintly grew up experimenting with automobile designing, right from a young age. He continued with his passion, by studying automobile design at Turin’s Istituto Europeo di Design, where he got into the spotlight for his concept Mini. On his return back to India 2012, he switched to building and working with modified bikes, as he found it easier to work with a smaller canvas. He follows the minimalistic approach of American motorcycle builder Indian Larry, best known for his old-school choppers. His very own hardtail Harley Davidson Iron 883 was one of his first projects. The modifications included a British racing green paint job, suede and leather accents along with a drag racing handle bar. But what makes this bike more interesting is the fact that is sports a floating petrol tank, with a chassis that is brought over it. He has fondly christened this bike as ‘ Nadia’ and exhibited it at the India Bike Week 2014, where it was profiled by international motorcycling blogs Silodrome and Pipeburn.

Bobbee Singh – Old Delhi Motorcycles (Delhi): Bobbee Singh is best known as the restoration specialists. Over the last 15 years, he has built up his own network of informants, who provide him with information about bikes on sale, especially with vintage Royal Enfield. Once he gets his hands on them, he restores them and sells the modified bikes to global customers. All his work comprises of a vintage style, where the focus is not on the tech specs, but rather about the rider’s preference. In the end, the resulting mod bike is custom made for the preference of the rider. You can get to know more about his work, through an 18-minute document, where it showcases his love for restoring Enfields and his fellow associates and specialists that work on it.

Vijay Singh – Rajputana Custom Motorcycles (Jaipur): What turned out to be a job to while his months away from his job, turned into a lifetime adventure. In 2009, with six months to spare, he decided to build a custom made motorcycle around a 350cc Royal Enfield engine. He schooled himself by watching YouTube videos and showcased his bike at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, which captured the attention of fellow bike lover and actor, John Abraham. Singh won a commissioned bike from him, which was the turning point in his work.