Top Watches That are Worth Buying

Watches are every man’s best friend. You will find men looking for new and latest designs as far as timepieces are concerned. You can say, timepieces have become more of an accessory than a time telling machine. Besides, watches make a perfect and easy gift option no matter what the occasion. When talking about watches, you should know the market is flooded with end number of designs. Here is a list of some of the best watches for men that are worth buying:



Hublot is one brand you cannot miss out on when talking about best watches for men. These timepieces tend to have a unique characteristic that makes them different from the other brands. It has hard-boiled exteriors, chunky and has openwork dials. Well, except for Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph that marks the watchmaker’s 70th anniversary. What not many know is that it was conceived with the same approach as designing a car at the famous Ferrari Design Centre. This watch definitely opens a new chapter that unites two major brands – Hublot and Ferrari. This beautiful timepiece has a look and feels of a Ferrari like the chassis-like frame, skeletal, available in titanium, carbon fibre and gold.



Breitling is another watch brand that cannot be missed when talking about best watches for men. Take a look at the new Navitimer Rattrapante which is unique in its own way. Only a few brands tend to have own mechanical chronograph movements. Breitling has managed to repeat its amazing mastery of chronographs by unveiling the new Navitimer Rattrapante. It is the first in-house split-seconds chronograph.



Blancpain is paying tribute to its 50 Fathoms watch and named it Blancpain Tribute to 50 Fathoms MIL-SPEC. Blancpain has reinterpreted one of its beautiful and vintage timepieces from the 1950s, the Fifty Fathoms having water tightness indicator. It is one of the best diving watches and is the first ever automatic dive watch having a rotating bezel. The tribute timepiece gets somewhat the same unidirectional bezel, coated in the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Besides, it also has an identical circular indicator that helps the wearer to know if there is any water seepage by changing the colour.



Another one coming to the list of the best watches for men is Omega which paid its tribute to the three mechanical masterpieces – The Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster, by releasing the special 60th Anniversary edition of each of the model. Each of the models was beautifully designed.