Grow old with style with these exciting tips

Growing may seem like a curse to anybody. Surely, you will face the possibilities of wrinkled skins, saggy weight and the dreaded going grey. But no longer growing old is a taboo any longer. In fact, it is now part of the men’s fashion to sport that salt and pepper look and character lines around the eyes.

Here are some tips you can check out that will help you age fine, just like wine:

Keep your body hair to a bare minimum: You may consider chest hair to be the sign of your manliness. However, women don’t exactly dig that look any longer. Now it is essential to trim your chest hair from time to time. That is because as you age, the growth area of your chest hair tends to spread to other parts of the body. A light manscaping should help do the trick and tame it.

Apply eye cream: Crow’s feet are quite common between your eyes and temple, and it is one of the most obvious signs of ageing. It is also an unavoidable problem that everyone faces as they age if you keep up with veteran actors and celebrities in the men’s fashion magazine. As you grow older, these lines will become more prominent. While you cannot avoid it completely, you can take measures to slow down the occurrence. You can do this, by applying eye cream on a daily basis. This is best done after you wash your face and before you moisturise your skin.


Follow a skin care regime regularly: As you age, your skin may wrinkle and turn rough. Like crow’s feet, this is an unavoidable change in your body. But with the right steps, you can keep it wrinkle free and smooth, giving you a flawless appearance. You only need to follow a daily skin care regime for this purpose. The best time to do this is to start young. Opt for facial exfoliating; which helps improve blood circulation on your face. You can even visit an aesthetician to help you get the recommended tailor-made routine for more long-lasting results.


Keep your hairstyle simple: You may be tempted to continue using the number of products on your hair as you age, especially when it comes to styling. However, this does more damage to your hair than you would expect. Skip funky hairdos like spikes and slick backs, and go for short hairdos that are simple. If you need to use products, opt for those that improve the quantity of your hair. You can look for suggestions and recommendations in most of the top men’s fashion magazine. You will realise what difference it makes to your mane when you keep it minimum over OTT looks.


Stop colouring your hair: The salt and pepper look is the latest trend when it comes to men’s fashion. Instead of trying to hide the fact that you are going grey, embrace your natural hair colour and let it grow out naturally.